Monday, 12 March 2012

Trying something new ...

I've seen Barbara Gray demonstating on Create & Craft TV shopping channel for months.  Her signature style uses a speedball brayer and dye-based inks to create fabulous backgrounds to which she adds her Clarity Stamp images.  I bought the equipment before xmas, but was too chicken to try it!!  Today I decided to give it a go.

My first couple of goes through a paper mask not too good.  Then I remembered you have to spin the brayer as the colour is layed down ... started to see improvement.

By the last attempt (tall thin piece) I think I had achieved some smoothness in colour application! 

I added stamped images to a couple of pieces with mixed success.  I was using the specially coated Clarity card and sometimes the image 'slides' as you stamp it.  Ink - blot - plot (one of Barbara's stock phrases) for me resulted in an image that lacked density of colour.  The blue piece utilises this to give distance.

So the jury is out on the whole brayer technique but, like free-motion quilting, it is definately something you need to practice because is NOWHERE near as easy as the experts make it look :)

Stamps used: Hobby Art Hillside Scene-its & Anna's Collection - Just for you.
Inspiration for scenic image: Stargroves blog by Anne Ray


  1. Your comment about using the brayer made me smile, I love Barbara Grey and have most of her DVD's but still find it difficult to get the effect without stripes. You have done a great job and the landscape scenes are super. Having the right paper makes a huge difference and as they say practice makes perfect, and no it is not as easy as it looks.


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