Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I Spy Snowball and some news ...

Nearly a month gone by since my last post and another quilt finished.  This one is an I Spy and snowball block for a neighbour's little boy.  It was fun to play with something a little less grown-up!

This will be the last quilt I make in this house as we are moving.  My DH's job is relocating and we have decided to follow.  My sewing room is technically the dining room and needs to be dismantled and packed away in order to market the house to potential buyers.  Sad to pack things away, but exciting to think I might get a bigger space in the new house LOL.  My blog will not be regularly updated whilst all the confusion and stress of moving takes place ... wish me luck :)

I used a combination of straight line quilting (some using a fancy stitch) and freemotion quilting.  I did a rough pre-mark of the letters in chalk before starting to stitch as I often get confused when trying to quilt letters!


  1. Oh my - BIG changes, but I DO wish you good luck, peace, good organization and patience! I found (for me) that moving at mid-50s was not easy, and disorganized my brain for a few months so, take it easy on yourself, enjoy the good parts, and hope you get settled in soon, with better (if needed) sewing space, etc. Good luck! Elaine Adair

  2. Exciting times for you! Good luck. Cute quilt & creative quilting.

  3. Good luck with your move Helen, are going very far away for where you live now?
    Hope the removal van is big enough for all your craft stuff.
    Wishing your every happiness.
    Shirley TQ

  4. Love that little quilt. I'm excited for you in you new move. I always got new juices flowing after a move and I hope you do too!


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